5(6)-TAMRA NHS Ester


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5(6) – TAMRA, SE is the amine-reactive, mixed isomer form of tetramethylrhodamine (TAMRA, or TMR). It is the primary labeling reagents for the preparation of orange fluorescent bioconjugates, including peptide, protein, nucleotide and nucleic acid conjugates, especially fluorescent antibodies and avidin derivatives used in immunochemistry. TAMRA (TMR) dyes have also been widely used as acceptors for FAM fluorophores in a variety of FRET studies.

Product Name: 5(6)-TAMRA NHS Ester
Synonyms: 5-(and 6)-Carboxytetramethylrhodamine, succinimidyl ester
CAS Number: 150408-83-6
Molecular Formula: C29H25N3O7
Molecular Weight: 527.533
SMILES: CN(C)C1=CC=C2C(OC3=CC(C=CC3=C2C2=CC=C(C=C2C([O-])=O)C(=O)ON2C(=O)CCC2=O)=[N+](C)C)=C1.CN(C)C1=CC=C2C(OC3=CC(C=CC3=C2C2=CC(=CC=C2C([O-])=O)C(=O)ON2C(=O)CCC2=O)=[N+](C)C)=C1
Purity (HPLC): ≥ 95%
Shipping Conditions: room temperature
Storage Conditions: Refrigerated
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only