Cy3 NHS ester trisulfo


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Cy3 SE, trisulfo is a water soluble Cy3 succinimidyl ester, for the labeling of various amine-containing molecules in aqueous phase, without use of organic co-solvent.

Product Name: Cy3 NHS ester trisulfo
Synonyms: Cy3 SE, trisulfo
CAS Number: N/A
Molecular Formula: C36H43N3O13S3
Molecular Weight: 821.93
SMILES: CC1(C)\C(=C/C=C/C2=[N+](CCCCCC(=O)ON3C(=O)CCC3=O)C3=CC=C(C=C3C2(C)C)S(O)(=O)=O)N(CCCS([O-])(=O)=O)C2=CC=C(C=C12)S(O)(=O)=O
Purity (HPLC): ≥ 95%
Shipping Conditions: room temperature
Storage Conditions: Refrigerated
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only