RhGln (glutamine live cell probe)



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RhGln is a small-molecule fluorescent probe for directly visualizing glutamine in live cells from brain tissues. It is a brightly fluorescent, stable, water soluble, and non-hydrolysable glutamine analog. RhGln has been demonstrate to provide direct visual evidence of an activity-dependent glutamine supply from astroglial networks to presynaptic structures under physiological conditions. RhGln has an absorption and emission maxima at 580 and 601 nm and a fluorescence emission quantum yield of 0.6. Reference: Cheung, G., Bataveljic, D., Visser, J., Kumar, N., Moulard, J., Dallérac, G., Mozheiko, D., Rollenhagen, A., Ezan, P., Mongin, C., Chever, O., Bemelmans, A. P., Lübke, J., Leray, I., & Rouach, N. (2022). Physiological synaptic activity and recognition memory require astroglial glutamine. Nature Communications, 13(1). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-28331-7

Product Name RhGln
CAS Number N/A
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C38H43ClN4O5
Molecular Weight 671.24
Purity (HPLC) >= 95%
Shipping Conditions Shipped on gel packs
Storage Conditions Store at -20°C and protected from light
Regulatory Statement For Research Use Only