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Halotag Introduction

 HaloTag is a protein fusion tag system commonly used in molecular biology research for protein labeling, purification, and immobilization purposes. Developed by Promega Corporation, it offers several advantages over traditional protein tags like GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) or His-tags.

The key feature of HaloTag is its covalent binding ability with specific ligands, such as HaloTag ligands or dyes, forming a highly stable and irreversible bond. This property enables precise and robust labeling of HaloTag-fused proteins both in vitro and in vivo, facilitating various applications including protein tracking, localization studies, and protein-protein interaction studies.

HaloTag fusion proteins can be purified using HaloTag ligands coupled to solid supports, allowing efficient isolation from complex biological samples with minimal background contamination. Additionally, HaloTag technology enables the immobilization of proteins onto surfaces for applications such as protein arrays or drug screening assays.

The versatility and reliability of HaloTag make it a valuable tool in cell biology, biochemistry, and drug discovery research, providing researchers with a powerful means to study protein function and dynamics in living cells and in vitro systems.



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