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“Working with Tenova for over two years on multiple projects has been an incredibly positive experience. We have been impressed by their expertise and professionalism, which ensured that every aspect of our research was handled with care and efficiency. The team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, delivering high quality results within the designated time frame, thereby ensuring that projects stayed on track. The CRO's commitment to excellence was also evident in their comprehensive and transparent communication, keeping us consistently informed and engaged throughout the process. Overall, our experience with Tenova has exceeded expectations, and we are grateful for their invaluable contributions to our research success." 

-- Lutz, Professor at a leading research institute

 “We envisioned a new and novel prototype molecule which had never been synthesized before. Our in house chemist attempted the project, but after 9 months of effort we concluded it was beyond our capabilities. We next reached out to a larger chemistry company, but after a review their liaison concluded that the synthesis was too complex for their chemists as well, and kindly recommended Tenova Pharmaceuticals for the job. On speaking with Tenova , they agreed it was challenging but upon review they thought that one of our variants was the logical first choice, having the highest chance of a novel but straightforward synthesis. Within their timeline of 2.5 months they delivered an abundance of the correct molecule, which became part of our company's core patents. Along the way, Tenova continually updated us on their progress which included rationales for their changing synthesis strategies to reach the goal. Throughout, Tenova was a wonderful partner in the process and we have used Tenova s services for other projects as well, all with similarly satisfying outcomes. In summary, from our experiences, we always recommend Tenova with full marks. Great chemistry company!"

-- Bill, CSO of a biotech company