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About Us

Who We Are

Tenova Pharma is a chemistry-based company dedicated to providing innovative products and high quality chemical synthesis services to the academic, biotech and pharma communities to accelerate the pace of biomedical research and drug discovery. We offer our customers access to variety of high quality chemical and biochemical reagents. Founded in 2010 and based in San Diego, California, USA, we continuously expand our product offerings to maintain our position as a leader in the marketplace.

What We Do

Tenova Pharma is dedicated to providing innovative products and services for biomedical research and drug discovery through chemical synthesis, and becoming a globally recognized innovation oriented biotech enterprise that is trusted and respected by the customers and peer researchers.

Our Values

  • Innovation

    Always exploring new possibilities

  • Excellence

    Delivering the highest possible quality

  • Integrity

    Unwavering honesty and diligence

  • Passion

    Striving to benefit society through science

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    Explore our wide collection of products, including degrader building blocks, fluorescent probes, click chemistry reagents, and more.

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    We offer high quality services with a quick turnaround to meet your medicinal chemistry and synthetic chemistry needs.

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