5(6)-ROX alkyne


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5(6)-ROX alkyne is an excellent azide-reactive fluorescent reagent for labeling alkyne-containing biological molecules through click chemitry. It has the spectral properties identical to those of other ROX conjugates, thus all the instrument settings of the ROX conjugates would be applicable to the applications of ROX alkyne conjugates.

Product Name: 5(6)-ROX alkyne
Synonyms: 5-(and 6)-Carboxy-X-rhodamine alkyne
CAS Number: N/A
Molecular Formula: C36H33N3O4
Molecular Weight: 571.677
SMILES: [O-]C(=O)C1=CC=C(C=C1C1=C2C=C3CCC[N+]4=C3C(CCC4)=C2OC2=C3CCCN4CCCC(C=C12)=C34)C(=O)NCC#C.[O-]C(=O)C1=CC(=CC=C1C1=C2C=C3CCC[N+]4=C3C(CCC4)=C2OC2=C3CCCN4CCCC(C=C12)=C34)C(=O)NCC#C
Purity (HPLC): ≥ 95%
Shipping Conditions: room temperature
Storage Conditions: Refrigerated
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only