BODIPY labeled DCAF1 Binder



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BODIPY labeled DCAF1 Binder is a compound original used for DCAF1 TR-FRET assay in the Nat Commun 15, 275 (2024) paper studing DCAF1-based PROTACs. It is a high-affinity fluorescent probe for DCAF1, with a Kd value of 69 nM towards DCAF1 measured by fluorescence polarization.

Product Name BODIPY labeled DCAF1 Binder
CAS Number n/a
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C39H43BClF5N8O3
Molecular Weight 813.08
Purity (HPLC) >= 95%
Physical Appearance Orange Solid
Optical Properties Abs/Em Maxima: 503/509nm
Solubility DMSO, DMF
Shipping Conditions Shipped on gel packs
Storage Conditions Store at -20°C and protected from light
Shelf Life 12 months after the date of delivery
Regulatory Statement For Research Use Only


Schröder, M., Renatus, M., Liang, X. et al. DCAF1-based PROTACs with activity against clinically validated targets overcoming intrinsic- and acquired-degrader resistance. Nat Commun 15, 275 (2024).


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