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Iberdomide (CC-220) is an orally active and potent cereblon (CRBN) E3 ligase modulator (CELMoD) with an IC50 of 150?nM for cereblon-binding affinity. Iberdomide promotes degradation of Aiolos and Ikaros proteins. Reference: Dong, G., Ding, Y., He, S.,Sheng, C., Molecular Glues for Targeted Protein Degradation: From Serendipity to Rational Discovery. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2021, 64, 10606-10620. Matyskiela, M. E., Zhang, W., Man, H.-W., Muller, G., Khambatta, G., Baculi, F., Hickman, M., LeBrun, L., Pagarigan, B., Carmel, G., Lu, C.-C., Lu, G., Riley, M., Satoh, Y., Schafer, P., Daniel, T. O., Carmichael, J., Cathers, B. E.,Chamberlain, P. P., A Cereblon Modulator (CC-220) with Improved Degradation of Ikaros and Aiolos. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2018, 61, 535-542 Donovan, K. A., An, J., Nowak, R. P., Yuan, J. C., Fink, E. C., Berry, B. C., Ebert, B. L.,Fischer, E. S., Thalidomide promotes degradation of SALL4, a transcription factor implicated in Duane Radial Ray syndrome. eLife 2018, 7, e38430.
Product Name CC-220
Synonyms Iberdomide
CAS Number 1323403-33-3
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C25H27N3O5
Molecular Weight 449.507
Purity (HPLC) 98%
Shipping Conditions Room Temperature
Storage Conditions Refrigerated
Regulatory Statemen: For Research Use Only