compound I-9



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Compound I-9 induces degradation of GSPT1 through recruitment of CRBN ( EC50: 0.170 uM). Reference: Axford, J., Beckwith, R. E. J., BONAZZI, S., Buschmann, N., CERNIJENKO, A., DEWHURST, J., FAZAL, A., HESSE, M. J., HOLDER, L., HORNAK, V., Imase, H., Jain, R., Jin, X., Kerrigan, J. R., Lachal, J., Ma, F., Malik, H. A., MANNING, J. R., Mckay, D., MOREAU, R. J., NIMSGERN, P., O'Brien, G., Vulpetti, A., Yamada, K.,Zhao, J. Glue degraders and methods of use thereof. WO 2021/053555, 2021.
Product Name compound I-9
CAS Number n/a
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C27H29N5O3
Molecular Weight 471.561
Purity (HPLC) 98%
Shipping Conditions Room Temperature
Storage Conditions Refrigerated
Regulatory Statemen: For Research Use Only