Hoechst-Cy5 (DNA-binding dye)



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Hoechst-Cy5 is a small-molecule DNA-specific fluorophore. It can be used as a fast, simple, and robust DNA stain for high-quality superresolution chromatin imaging on clinically processed tissue samples. In a comparative study of STORM(Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy) imaging of genomic DNA using tissue section of mouse intestinal tissue prepared with standard clinical protocol, the images from Hoechst-Cy5 STORM showed the best-resolved DNA nanodomains when compared with TOTO-3 Iodide (TOTO-3), NucSpot Live 650 (Live-650), and Hoechst Janelia Fluor 646 (Hoechst-JF646). Hoechst-Cy5 significantly facilitates routine examination of superresolved chromatin structure from various pathological conditions directly on clinically processed tissue. Excitation maximum = 650 nm; emission maximum = 660 nm.

Product Name Hoechst-Cy5
CAS Number N/A
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C67H81N10O5
Molecular Weight 1106.449
Purity (HPLC) >= 95%
Physical Appearance Dark Blue Solid
Optical Properties Abs/Em Maxima: 650/660nm
Solubility DMSO, DMF
Shipping Conditions Shipped on gel packs
Storage Conditions Store at -20°C and protected from light
Shelf Life 12 months after the date of delivery
Regulatory Statement For Research Use Only


Xu, J., Sun, X., Kim, K., Brand, R. M., Hartman, D., Ma, H., Brand, R. E., Bai, M., & Liu, Y. (2022). Ultrastructural visualization of chromatin in cancer pathogenesis using a simple small-molecule fluorescent probe. In Sci. Adv (Vol. 8). https://www.science.org DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abm8293


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