NCT 02



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NCT02 is a molecular glue cyclin K degrader. NCT02 induces ubiquitination of cyclin K (CCNK) and proteasomal degradation of CCNK and its complex partner CDK12. Reference: Dieter, S. M., Siegl, C., Codo, P. L., Huerta, M., Ostermann-Parucha, A. L., Schulz, E., Zowada, M. K., Martin, S., Laaber, K., Nowrouzi, A., Blatter, M., Kreth, S., Westermann, F., Benner, A., Uhrig, U., Putzker, K., Lewis, J., Haegebarth, A., Mumberg, D., Holton, S. J., Weiske, J., Toepper, L.-M., Scheib, U., Siemeister, G., Ball, C. R., Kuster, B., Stoehr, G., Hahne, H., Johannes, S., Lange, M., Herbst, F.,Glimm, H., Degradation of CCNK/CDK12 is a druggable vulnerability of colorectal cancer. Cell Reports 2021, 36.
Product Name NCT 02
CAS Number 790245-61-3
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C17H16N2O2S
Molecular Weight 312.39
Purity (HPLC) 98%
Shipping Conditions Room Temperature
Storage Conditions Refrigerated
Regulatory Statemen: For Research Use Only