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Pomalidomide acts as molecular glue. Pomalidomide interacts with the E3 ligase cereblon and induces degradation of essential Ikaros transcription factors. Reference: Dong, G., Ding, Y., He, S.,Sheng, C., Molecular Glues for Targeted Protein Degradation: From Serendipity to Rational Discovery. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2021, 64, 10606-10620.Fischer, E. S., Bohm, K., Lydeard, J. R., Yang, H., Stadler, M. B., Cavadini, S., Nagel, J., Serluca, F., Acker, V., Lingaraju, G. M., Tichkule, R. B., Schebesta, M., Forrester, W. C., Schirle, M., Hassiepen, U., Ottl, J., Hild, M., Beckwith, R. E., Harper, J. W., Jenkins, J. L.,Thoma, N. H., Structure of the DDB1-CRBN E3 ubiquitin ligase in complex with thalidomide. Nature 2014, 512, 49-53.
Product Name Pomalidomide
Synonyms Revlimid
CAS Number 19171-19-8
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C13H11N3O4
Molecular Weight 273.248
Purity (HPLC) 98%
Shipping Conditions Room Temperature
Storage Conditions Refrigerated
Regulatory Statemen: For Research Use Only