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Proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC) building block. Contains an E3 ligase ligand with PEG linker and terminal azide. Ready for conjugation to a target protein ligand through click reaction to form PROTACs containing Pomalidomide as cereblon ligand.

Product Name: Pomalidomide-PEG4-C2-azide
Synonyms: 4-[(14-Azido-3,6,9,12-tetraoxatetradecyl)ammo]-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidm-3-yf)isomdolme-1,3-dione
CAS Number: 2271036-47-4
Molecular Formula: C23H30N6O8
Molecular Weight: 518.527
Purity (HPLC): 95%
Shipping Conditions: room temperature
Storage Conditions: Refrigerated
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only