(S,R,S)-AHPC-acetamido-O-C2-amine HCl



Size: 25mg

5-10 business days

Degrader building block for targeted protein degradation. Contains an E3 ligase ligand with a linker and a function group, which can be conjugated to target protein ligands through straightforward chemical reactions.

Product Name (S,R,S)-AHPC-acetamido-O-C2-amine HCl
CAS Number 2376139-47-6
Related CAS 2241641-57-4 (free base), 2341796-83-4 (2HCl salt)
Molecular Formula C26H39Cl2N5O5S
Molecular Weight 604.59
SMILES Cl.Cl.CC1=C(SC=N1)C1=CC=C(CNC(=O)[C@@H]2C[C@@H](O)CN2C(=O)[C@@H](NC(=O)COCCN)C(C)(C)C)C=C1
Purity (HPLC) >= 95%
Shipping Conditions Room temperature
Storage Conditions Refrigerated
Shelf Life 12 months after the date of delivery
Regulatory Statement For Research Use Only


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