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Trametiglue acts as molecular glue. Trametiglue combines the potency and off-rate kinetics of trametinib on KSR-bound MEK with the functional ability of CH5126766 to promote, and potentially trap, inactive states of RAF-bound MEK.

Product Name Trametiglue
CAS Number 2666940-97-0
Related CAS
Molecular Formula C25H24FIN6O5S
Molecular Weight 666.47
SMILES CNS(=O)(=O)NC1=CC=CC(=C1)N1C(=O)N(C2CC2)C(=O)C2=C(NC3=C(F)C=C(I)C=C3)N(C)C(=O)C(C)=C12
Purity (HPLC) >= 95%
Physical Appearance White solid
Solubility DMSO, DMF
Shipping Conditions Room Temperature
Storage Conditions Refrigerated
Shelf Life 12 months after the date of delivery
Regulatory Statement For Research Use Only


Khan, Z. M., Real, A. M., Marsiglia, W. M., Chow, A., Duffy, M. E., Yerabolu, J. R., Scopton, A. P.,Dar, A. C., Structural basis for the action of the drug trametinib at KSR-bound MEK. Nature 2020, 588, 509-514.



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